A 4-month distance learning course starting on March 23rd, 2016
with François Beausoleil, CNVC Certified Trainer

As an NVC practitioner, you have skills to change lives. Period.

But what if you don’t know how to move from knowing NVC to serving people with it?  Or if you don’t how to find clients?

Learning NVC is something that takes time, experience, and guidance to master. You’ve done that part. And, if you want to move to the level of impacting people’s lives with it, you’ll probably agree that it might be necessary to learn the art of designing an NVC-Based Business and of enrolling clients. Without these skills, all the gifts you have as an NVC practitioner will simply live as a memory in you. Never serving other people, and never getting you the income and satisfaction of making a living through making a difference. For many of you, being heart-based, and values-driven can sometimes make things like selling, business, and marketing distasteful and something you want to avoid entirely. 

I am committed to helping NVC practitioners transform

lives and be sustainable as they do so.

All with integrity.

NVC skills, by themselves, don’t bring sustainability. Which is why I have put together a powerful vehicle to help you grow your ability to contribute to people with your NVC skills while building sustainability for yourself. It’s called the Empathic Livelihood Program. You have the ability to help people with struggles, challenges, and life-long difficulties but what you need is two things: 1) Expertise in NVC-Based Processes that are effective with people, 2) A way to find, communicate, and enroll clients. This course will give you an overflowing toolkit for how to:

→   lead people towards healing and transformation

→   and build an NVC-based business.


Comments from past participants

(at the end of the program)

I leave with a huge toolkit for at any moment orient my life in the direction where I want to go

- Amanda

As I was hearing the material, it felt that it was filling a big gap between what I thought I could do and what I can really do… I got exposed to the material,  understood everything;  everything made sense to me,  and was tremendously meaningful… I’m left with a desire to move, to do something…  to jump to a place that is really where I want to be.

- Eric

I’m taking away a lot of good ideas, lots of encouragement, it’s hard to pick one specific thing… I loved the series on personal leadership.

- Bob

I have been so inspired by all of the parts, specifically the first segment about coaching which was not my main interest since I was mostly interested in the business part,… I’m now using a lot of that first coaching segment… I’m super excited about the clarity for my vision, about community and support that I felt through the program. Thanks you!

- Judy

There’s been so much richness for me… incredible, expanding, and inspiring learning experience… the program adds something to NVC; it grounds it more to include the action steps in particular… I loved the leadership series, I’m happy that I’m taking away an ongoing shared coaching partnership with a member of the group that I met through this class.  Thanks so much for everything!

- Leslie

I feel really blessed to have been exposed to all this material, all the different parts of it… different gifts, having the book, very enriching, very empowering… pouring on me; usually it takes times to integrate things… lots of hope in the community and the support. Happy!

- Esti

Empathic Coaching expanded my skills and deepened my understanding of NVC consciousness. It supported me personally and increased my effectiveness in my existing private coaching practice. If I could only take one course this year, this would be the one. It is a comprehensive program with many powerful and transformational tools to assist you in embodying the consciousness and building your business. Thank you, Francois!

- Kaysee

I’m really grateful for all the tools that I learned; what is most alive, is the transforming enemy images process… I transformed the image of my mother who had dementia for the last 15 years of her life to the kind and caring person that she was prior to that, she’s deceased now. To remember her in  in a whole different way. was very moving… that and many other things, thank you.

- Maggie

Like so many people,  there are 1000 aspects that I loved… the brain science, the tri-brain model, the in-depth processes, going back and healing imprints… the hand-outs and recording to continue support ourselves… the concept of minimums has really really taking fire in my life…  because of that I have much less sense of overwhelm more sense of being organized…  I received so much from assistants and other people who coached me, helped me with healing and integration… and my piano arrives tomorrow ! That is major progress, I’m very happy about it.

- Turiya

I’m leaving with a sense of hope… it used to be that I heard the news and get hopelessness…  now I hear the news and I  simply see  tragic expression of unmet needs…  And I’m more and more able  to meet people and help them break the cycle to create a better world… I leave with hope and gratitude that the tools are getting more ingrained in how I show up in the world.

- Karen

I’ve never seen anything as powerful as Empathic Coaching.”
Catherine Saar, The Project Coach Wellness & Career Coaching

“For me, this course has really been a pivot moment in my life. I’m so grateful to you and everyone who took the class with me. There’s been a synergy and continuing connection that I couldn’t have imagined.  Before joining the class, my desired career change felt theoretical and vague.  Now it feels very real, and I am focused and energized.  I’ll be forever grateful to you  and my classmates.”
Charlie ROWAN, Mediation from the Heart
“It was this program that gave me not just the hope I needed that I could dedicate myself full time to supporting others through the consciousness of NVC, but it gave me the practical tools I needed to create that reality.  And now, it really is a reality!  I use these same powerful processes now in my individual coaching practice and group coaching.  They are creating huge shifts in the lives of my clients.  And learning this material has created a huge shift in my inner and outer life.  I’m overwhelmed with gratitude, and tearing up when I think about it, for Francois, Kim, and Michael putting this work together for us.”
Autumn Estrella BRIGHID, autumnestrellabrighid.com
“I notice that when I’m navigating in sessions with people and being really present with what is going on for them, I have a lot of new tools, so I’m working with people in a much broader way. And I’m noticing that my intuition is operating much more, because I know how to focus a session and how to gather information. The way I’m guiding tends to support people in having really big insights.  I haven’t had that experience before.  That’s been really meaningful. I just love it when people are so excited about what they are getting from a session. I have this sense that this is what I’m here to do and confident that I’m gonna be really good at this.”
Anonymous Participant

You just need a little support to make a big impact

Part 1: Empathic Coaching* Foundations & Integration

In the first section of the program, you’ll learn:

→  The basic road map of Empathic Coaching: 6 core questions plus action Items

→  The Mindset of an Empathic Coach: Understanding how people change and why they don’t always manage

→  Foundations of Empathic Coaching: How to work with fears and beliefs

→  Foundations of Empathic Coaching: Working with past and future versions

→  Empathic Coaching Deepening: Stepping in the other’s experience and advanced processes related to future and past version

 NVC Based Processes: Self-Integration, Self-Healing, Reconciliation, Dissolving Enemy Images

→  Combining it All: Understanding and integrating the complete Empathic Coaching Arch

*Empathic Coaching is a new modality that we created, combining the core practice of NVC empathic listening, with aspects of NLP and core life coaching skills. Skillfully woven together these practices combine to create this new modality that we have named Empathic Coaching.

Part 2: Launch your NVC Business

During this section of the program, you will learn:

→  How to create a profitable business customized to the empathic services you want to provide.

→  How to dissolve money blocks

→  How to connect with those in your community to get clients.

→  How to talk about the service you offer in a way that makes sense to people and is a match for what they want.

→  The key guidelines about marketing emails, websites, flyers and social media.

→  How to design a simple and effective marketing strategy.

→  How to create connecting conversations with people who show interest for what you offer.

→  How to grow your list of potential customers and contribute value with every email.

Part 3: Personal Leadership

These calls are offered to complete what’s been learned before by supporting you in having a higher capacity to operate in the world. During this section, you will learn:

→  How to liberate all the energy that is stuck, which results from blaming self, others, or the context of the situation

→  How to be in control of your stress levels and to increase your physical energy

“I would name this modality as being a conciousness in evolution. In my opinion it totally rocks and I’m celebrating being part of bringing it into the world.”
Jayne MIDDLETON, Nurturing Potential

What does the Program include?

→  24 hours of Live Q&A/Practice calls (recordings available)

 Practice calls

→  10 hours of recorded Materials

→  1 individual coaching call with assistants or lead trainer

→  Training Documents to support Learning

→  A Class Website where all relevant information is easily accessible

→  Co-learning ‘buddy’ support system for deeper integration

→  You receive the e-book “The Blame-Free State” written by François Beausoleil  

 GuaranteeYou can drop the program for a full refund before Call 5

“I am participating in the empathic coaching and connected business course with Francois and have learned the Connected Match Discovery Process in this time. I have since used it to connect with potential clients and found it tremendously supportive. To have a framework I can go off that is based on connection, value, trust, support and compassion, not on hard selling has been invaluable for me. To be reminded to be immersed in an energy of sufficiency and abundance… to be in an exchange of full choice, support, connection and of mutually finding what works is just what I need. The outcomes have all been favourable, with potential clients turning into clients and also a warmth, lightness and mutual gratitude felt between us. What a great way to engage in business!!!”
Kaya JONGEN, kayajongen.com

When are the calls?

The program starts March 23rd, 2016  at 10 am PST and ends July 29th, 2015.

Empathic Coaching Foundations, Integration and deepening

Call 1, Wed. March 23rd, 10am – 11.30am Pacific: Live Free Kick-Off Call 1

Call 2: Wed. March 30th10am – 11.30am Pacific: Live Free Kick-Off Call 2

Call 3: WedApril 6th10am – 11.30am Pacific

Call 4: WedApril 13th10am – 11.30am Pacific

Call 5: Thursday April 21st10am – 11.30am Pacific

Call 6: Wed. May 4th, 10am – 11.30am Pacific

Call 7: Wed. May 11th, 10am – 11.30am Pacific

Call 8: Wed. May 18th, 10am – 11.30am Pacific

Call 9: Wed. May 25th, 10am – 11.30am Pacific

Call 10: Wed. June 1st, 10am – 11.30am Pacific Pacific

Call 11: Wed. June 15th, 10am – 11.30am Pacific

Call 12: Wed. June 22nd, 2015, 2pm – 3.30pm Pacific

Call 13: Wed. June 29th, 2015, 10am – 11.30am Pacific

Call 14: Wed. July 6th 2015, 10am – 11.30am Pacific

Call 15: Wed. July 13th 2015, 10am – 11.30am Pacific

Call 16: Wed. July 20th 2015, 10am – 11.30am Pacific

Part 4:  Practice Bonus Calls

To be scheduled at a later date

“I was completely lost in my life. This class defined my direction. You cannot imagine how happy I am.  There are many new things I learned that are so important to me, but for the idea that I can help other people, I am very, very, grateful.”
Anonymous Participant
I simply love these processes, this program, the opportunity, and mentoring by you, Francois.  This call is my favorite yet, and I don’t know how they can keep getting any better since the first one opened up my world.”
“Wow-what an amazing program! I feel like I’m brimming over the top with possibilities and new learning. It’s really been an amazing course. If anything would be different, my only feedback is that it was a lot too fast for me to integrate. The NLP has deeply enriched my NVC work with people.  Yesterday’s call was great. As usual, you deliver value beyond expectations!”
Charlie ROWAN, Mediation from the Heart

We’ve designed a couple of payment options for you…


1) If you register with 1 other person, each of you will have an additional discount of 15% – refunded after your register

2) If you register with 2 other persons, each of you will have an additional discount of 25% – refunded after your register

3) Any amount invested can be refunded until Call 5

4) If you are part of the Leadership Program 2016 or part of the Ann Arbor Infusing Collaboration Program 2016 contact me to hear about an extra discount you can receive.

Investment: $2250 (USD)

Option 1: One Payment - 1950$ (USD)

Option 2: Monthly Installment Plan – 6 X $375 (USD)

(Total $2250 – USD)

We will possibly consider offering some partial scholarships.  
“I regard François Beausoleil as a leader in the global Nonviolent Communication community in helping people create successful livelihoods doing work that they love.” François understands what it takes to transcend limiting thinking that inhibits our professional growth and development… for example, that applying effective business practices is somehow antithetical to sharing Compassionate Communication in the world. François not only doesn’t buy into this gibberish, but provides practical tools for helping people overcome these beliefs and develop livelihoods that serve the world and create sustainability for the practitioner at the same time.
Jeff BROWN, CNVC Certified Trainer