High Performance Frictionless Teams

Make it possible for your team to be at its best.  Now.

“None of us is as smart as all of us.” - Ken Blanchard

It’s a common misconception that friction is a natural occurrence on a high functioning team but that’s not true.  People assume that in order to have a high functioning team you will have friction.  But that friction is costing you results. A team that I work with and I train in my Frictionless Achievement Method is going to outperform the team with friction 10 times out of 10.  Every swimmer knows you win by displacing the least amount of water – it’s not about how hard you push its about how elegantly you swim.  Performance through elegance.  Performance through lack of friction.

Recent researches in United States disclosed that:

  • 60% of all teams never become high performance teams, they either fail or fall short of their potentials.**
  • Facing frictions can produce results, build commitment to the organization and to its goals; conflict can tear a team apart, especially conflict that has to do with personal, political or power issues**
  • Research on individuals’ affective reactions to intragroup conflict reveals that, in general, conflicts hinder the satisfaction of team members (De Dreu & Weingart, 2003; Jehn et al.,)
  • An increase in the level of conflict (whether emotional or cognitive) will cause more friction within the team if not dealt with correctly, and will make the team members feel less comfortable. Their morale will decrease and as a consequence their job satisfaction will also.
  • According to the advocates of Lean Manufacturing, a perfect lean enterprise is one from which friction (or waste) is absent.
  • Attitude is more Important than experience in collaborative work; most people would rather have inexperienced people with a positive attitude than highly experienced people who lack enthusiasm, candor or commitment, on a collaborative work team.
  • Task oriented leadership has a negative impact on group processes and high relations oriented leadership attenuates the negative impact of relationship conflict on group processes.

*Curşeu, P.L. Emergent states in virtual teams. A complex adaptive systems perspective. J. Inform. Technol. 2006, 21, 249–261.

**Dr. Eunice Parisi-Carew (Why Teams Fail—Dealing with Friction and Dissension)

Learn how to capture the power of Frictionless teams:

  1. Get Frictionless and feel more satisfied about WHAT you accomplish and HOW you do it.                                      Learn “easy to learn and easy to use” distinctions and skills to achieve lack of friction and boost your contribution to your organization and turbocharge each team members job satisfaction, reputation and career options.
  2. Align work, fitness and emotional well-being
    By being overworked, overstressed, and exhausted we not only decrease our ability to perform at our best, but we also increase our chances of making career-damaging mistakes. What you’ll learn can help you achieve the clarity, energy and flexibility you need to have your perform at its best.
  3. Helping the right people and the right ideas be successful and creating and maintaining a high integrity culture. Learn how power, ego, turf, ambition, self-promotion, hidden agendas, deception, “managing the airwaves,” trust, relationships and integrity can impact your team, career and company.
  4. The Attitude of Collaboration The most important aspect of achieving collaboration is related to the attitude that each team member has. Learn how to bring this attitude to your team.
Four Half-Day Program Includes:
  • The Frictionless Teams Achievement Method Workbook
  • Module 1: How to align work, fitness and emotional well-being
  • Carrer Management
  • Influence and Persuasion
  • How to create and maintain a High-Integrity Team
  • The Books “Executive Stamina” and “Survival of the Savvy”.
  • Participants Frictionless Teams Workbook
  • World-class Facilitator
  • First half-day session is on us

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