Executive Stamina: Power up your career by aligning work, fitness and emotional wellbeing

Consistent performance demands high levels of physical and mental energy, as well as resilient responses to business stressors and strains. By being overworked, overstressed, and exhausted we not only decrease our ability to perform at our best, but we also increase our chances of making career-damaging mistakes. And as e-mail, cell phones, and smart phones increasingly blur the line between work and personal life, stamina is no longer simply an asset for leaders; it’s now a necessity. Executive Stamina techniques can help you achieve the clarity, energy and flexibility you need to perform at your best during these challenging times.

Seminar Objectives

  • Increase your energy and endurance both for the task at hand and for your entire career journey
  • Create a sustainable, balanced path to achieving your full career potential

Key Components

In depth comprehensive self-knowledge:

  • How the Laws of Diminishing Returns and Gradual Change are impacting your professional and personal life
  • What is currently on your plate?
  • Where are the gaps between your stated priorities and how you actually spend your time?
  • How is stress impacting your results and well being?
  • What are the specific causes of most of your unwanted stress?
  • What is the best use of your time?
  • Why certain labels and patterns lead to unproductive use of your time?
  • Which organizational savvy blind spots are putting your career at risk?

Easy to learn, easy to use skills and systems:

  • The MINIMUMS System
  • The SHIFTS/DRIFTS Tracking System
  • Stress Management Skills for home, office and travel (including self-talk, tranquility, yoga)
  • Progressive fitness plans
  • Nutritional tips for sustained energy
  • Optimizing time techniques
  • Organizational Savvy strategies
  • Positive relationship practices
One-day Program Includes:
  • The Books “Executive Stamina” and “Survival of the Savvy”.
  • Participants Frictionless Teams Workbook
  • World-class Facilitator
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