My name is François Beausoleil

I want to warmly welcome you to the Empathic Coaching Revolution website.

I see Empathic Coaching as a modality that has the power to speed up the increase of anyone's well being; I'm more than excited to have this website as a platform dedicated to Empathic Coaching.

François Beausoleil, Empathic Coaching Revolution

“I’ve never seen anything as powerful as Empathic Coaching.”

- Catherine Saar, The Project Coach, Wellness & Career Coaching

In 2002, my life was turned around by coaching; It helped me move from highly stressed and depressed, to being focused, clear and empowered... virtually unstoppable. It's no accident that now coaching is a big part of my life.

In this website, you'll find all you need to become a certified empathic coach and to receive various forms of Empathic Coaching for you or your organization: