⊙ 2 days

This two-day intensive program offers advanced learning for those who have completed the Blame-Free State Intensive.  The program is designed to help participants make progress on decreasing high-intensity enemy images.  

Class size is limited to provide spaciousness and support for the depth of the work involved.  The process is very similar to the Blame-Free State Intensive, but the facilitator and experienced assistants bring a deeper level of presence and empathy to each participant to help them find and release some of the pain and anger they have been experiencing. High-intensity enemy images are often very costly to the person holding them.  

The blame and resentment keep them closely linked to an experience that they found highly painful, and their blame may be the best way they know to hold someone accountable for what happened.  Unfortunately, it also cuts them off from other resources and possibilities. 

In these two days, we will focus on the steps that will lead to the most freedom for the participant, to help them step out of the limiting cycle of pain and blame.  The tools, skills and mindset that they learn will help open the door to a more empowering, peaceful and fulfilling paradigm. 

The training offers: 

- An empowering environment  to support participants in transforming high level blame and self-blame into freedom and understanding
- Keys to dissolving longstanding blame and the powerful work of dissolving enemy images
- A clear understanding of the price we pay with blame – on our health and well-being, and the cost to our relationships
- How to discover what we are really wanting when we choose to blame, and what we can do instead that will be more satisfying.   

The training begins by revisiting the compelling reasons to address blame in our lives, and what we gain by living blame-free.  

On Day 1 each person will have the opportunity to work with a High-intensity blame for another by applying the blame-free process to a real-life experience of their choosing.  

On Day 2, participants learn the process of dissolving High Intensity self-blame.  Throughout the training, participants are supported in their learning by demonstrations of the process, small group and individual work, training assistants and opportunities for question and discussion


☆ Become aware of the huge cost on us and on people around us, of having high-intensity enemy images.

☆ Learn how even the smallest decrease in the intensity of the enemy image can improve the situation.


☆ The opportunity to decrease, to break through high-intensity blames and self-blames in real-time during the intensive, and enjoy the liberation that comes with it.


☆ How to bring the acquired transformations to the relevant situations.