What we do

Work in Organizations

I've been working in organizations since 2006, helping to resolve conflicts, increase trust, avoid communication traps and work more collaboratively and effectively.

Executive Empathic Coaching

I help executives tackle their work and personal challenges by providing a map of how they can relate to others and themselves more effectively and from a place of connection and heart-openness.

Business Empathic Coaching

I help individuals and small organizations by providing business guidance aligned with values of connectedness and integrity.

Personal Empathic Coaching

In these sessions, I support life changes through empathic presence and various empathic coaching processes. I gently guide clients towards their own realizations and support them to unlock life energy as well as upgrade various skills related to the desired outcomes. I help them to create and follow through with a plan that encapsulates the essence of their personal values and the outcomes they look for.

What do you want to see happen differently in your life?

urious about what might be possible, if you had the support you needed? 

What are you striving for?
Where are you at in the your life journey?
What are your struggles?

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