Jan. 26-27, 2019, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

⊙ 2 days

This two-day intensive learning experience is designed for participants who want to live out of a fully-resourced state of being. We teach the process of moving out of blame because many people have become aware of the cycle of blame, and feel the pain and cost of this limiting pattern.  

We help them shift out of this by teaching them skills, tools and mindsets for blame-free living.  This opens the door to an empowering paradigm of authenticity, balance and powerful collaboration, a more  productive and fulfilling life.You will discover how to transform your mental framework – your paradigm – which guides your thoughts, decisions and attitudes. During the training, you’ll learn how to shift to a blame-free state, that frees you to experience more power and possibility to create the relationships and results you really want.

The training offers:
- An introduction to the powerful modality of Nonviolent Communication (NVC)
- An empowering guidemap to transforming blame and self-blame into freedom and understanding
- Keys to uncovering unconscious blame and the powerful work of dissolving enemy images
- A clear understanding of the price we pay with blame – on our health and well-being, and the cost to our relationships
- How to discover what we are really wanting when we choose to blame, and what we can do instead that will be more satisfying.

The training begins by addressing the compelling reasons to address blame in our lives, and what we gain by living blame-free.  
On Day 1 each person will have the opportunity to learn to dissolve blame for others by applying the blame-free process to a real-life experience of their choosing.  

On Day 2, participants learn the process of dissolving self-blame.  Throughout the training, participants are supported in their learning by demonstrations of the process, small group and individual work, training assistants and opportunities for question and discussion.


☆ Reach a clear understanding of the cost of blame on our health and overall well-being.

☆ Insights on what's possible when we move out of blame

☆ A framing on blame coming from the nonviolence movement and Nonviolent Communication

☆ A comprehensive map of how to transform blame towards others, self or situations.


☆ The opportunity to dissolve blames and self-blames in real-time during the intensive


☆ How to bring the acquired transformations to every situations with the help of simple self-reflection blame-free living tools.